Update from Women’s Garden Project in DRC

Hello friends, Here is an update from the Women’s Garden and Pigsty Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo from SIA Coordinator Jacob Lipandasi. This project received a grant from SIA last May: At the end of the Pigsty Project in summary:
1. We know that 13 piglets were shared to continue the women pigsty project and owners are sharing with others 2. Two pigs were sold for $100 which paid scholar fees to 5 orphans for 4 months.
3. Others 35 orphaned children are supported at school they are receiving mushi twice a week from the women’s garden;
4. Compost: 240 kgs of compost and manure were produced and distributed to the owner small garden (kitchen garden). The compost and manure still be produced and will be used by the owners. ****************************************************** (Click on picture to see larger version.) Jeanne harvests vegetables from her garden. SIA Small Business Fund Coordinators from DRC and Rwanda. Left to Right: Jacob Lipandasi, Benoit Malenge, Francois Hamuli #DRCongo #Gardens

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